Department of Pharmacy Practice

The mission of the department is to provide quality teaching-learning programs that will prepare the students for entry into all areas of professional pharmacy practice. The department intends to promote research and service, demonstrating excellence in professional practice and outreach. Currently, the emphasis is placed on principles of pharmacotherapy and practice management for the purpose of advancing quality cost-effective pharmaceutical care.

The Department of Pharmacy Practice is committed to:

  • Development of long-term functional practice skills in students, and others in the professional practice
  • Development and practice of systematic approach to identify and solve drug-related problems
  • Implementation of Good Pharmacy Practice Points for Clinical Pharmacists and for Clinical Pharmacy educators
  • Research leadership in desired areas of excellence and development of interdisciplinary research programs within the institute and other institutes of pharmaceutical sciences in the country and abroad
  • Leadership in national, state and local professional associations and a strong role in developing future practice standards and models
  • Providing the highest level of pharmaceutical services to our nation

Key features of the department:

  • The experience and knowledge of the faculty of the Department of Pharmacy Practice enable professional degree students to receive excellent didactic and experiential training necessary to become well-rounded practitioners
  • The professional curriculum includes general, scientific, and patient centered content that prepares Master of Pharmacy graduates to deliver effective and cost-efficient pharmaceutical care
  • The department is well equipped with sophisticated equipments and rapid access internet facilities. It has a well-stacked Library too
  • The College has MoUs with District Govt., Hospital, Sangareddy wherein modern equipment and facilities are available and all major, advanced, invasive and non-invasive treatment procedures are carried out
  • Facilities like Drug Information Center and Clinical research activities including patient medication counseling are available for providing the best knowledge regarding healthcare in community pharmacy